Insurance Plans

If you have extended health benefits, then you will likely have all of your treatment paid for. If you are using extended health benefits, check the details of your coverage in your Extended Health Manual, or speak with your Human Resources department. Please note that our services are not covered by OHIP.  In the event of and Motor Vehicle claim, we do not bill the Insurance provider directly.  You may be eligible for reimbursement, please consult with your adjuster.

Direct Billing

Core Solutions Physiotherapy & Wellness is excited to announce that we are able to direct bill the following companies:

What You Need to Know

  *  The name of your Extended Healthcare Provider
  *  Your ID # / Policy # (Usually Found on your Benefit Card)
  *  Your relationship to the Policy Holder (Self, Spouse, Parent, etc.)
  *  If you have secondary coverage from a spouse / parent / etc., we can only submit to one      insurance as we do not coordinate benefits

What You Need to Bring

  *  Your Benefit Card
  *  A Doctor’s Referral (If referred by a physician)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When Do We Bill?   We bill your plan during every visit to our office.
2. What if my plan only covers a percentage of my claim?   You are still eligible for direct billing! We are able to bill the allowed percentage of your treatment online. Please note that the remainder of your balance MUST be settled on the day your service is rendered.
3. What if my extended healthcare provider is not on the list?   Don’t worry!  More health care plans are always  being added.
4. What if my claim is denied?   If your direct billing claim is denied, we ask that your account balance is paid on the day your service is rendered. The front desk staff will let you know if your claim was denied before you leave.